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Helt Texas is live!

We are pleased to announce our latest release

This complex narrative was the first script to be put into production by The Proscenium and kicked off our quest to create a global online theatre company.

Conceived on an expeditionary artist retreat during the summer solstice in June 2018, Helt Texas was written in the Arctic, recorded in Hong Kong and produced in London - a truly original piece of global collaborative theatre.

The story tackles the central issues of our time, passionately debating climate change and the personal consequences of partisan discourse.

Written by Alan Olejniczak while onboard a research ship in the High Arctic, Helt Texas tells the story of Sarah, an atmospheric scientist, who arrives in Longyearbyen to begin her research in the High Arctic. There she encounters Torbjørn, a charming Norwegian, and Arthur, an Arctic naturalist.

Two passionate men with strong opinions about climate change, politics and the state of the world.

From the writing desk on the Arctic research vessel, the Antigua, to your speakers wherever you are, here it is.

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